Where can I mount the solar collectors?

Most solar collectors are roof mounted. However, ground rack systems can also be installed to mount the solar panels. The collectors preferably should be mounted facing south, but west and east facing systems can function equally as well.

How much sunlight is needed?

You will only need the middle 6 hours of the day to heat your pool. Actually, 90% of all solar radiation falls within a 4 hour window during the day.

Are there other benefits to solar heating?

Yes. Solar collectors that are roof mounted will actually help lower your home air conditioning costs. The solar collectors actually help to reduce the radiant heat in your attic thus lowering the amount of electricity required to cool your home.

How much maintenance is required for a solar heating system?

No special maintenance is needed during the swimming season. The system is completely automatic. There are simple maintenance procedures required during the winterization process.

Why choose a Solar Industries solar pool heating system?

The Solar Industries collector has been in continuous production since 1976. It's backed by the strongest warranty in the business. It has been engineered as a completely integrated system to exacting specifications and quality control. Solar Industries solar pool heating systems uses superior components including stainless steel hardware.

How much will the system cost to operate?

Since the sun's energy is free, there are no additional costs to heat your pool.

What if I have a gas heater or heat pump?

Our solar pool heating system will work alongside your existing heater. Your gas heater or heat pump would be the "back up" to the solar heat system, thus lowering your overall pool heating costs significantly.

Is the system easy to operate?

Yes. Our system is completely automatic. Just set the desired temperature on your temperature control unit and sit back and enjoy your pool. That's it!

How long will this solar pool system last?

Most solar heating systems can last 20 years or longer. Our solar collectors are covered by a 10 year limited lifetime warranty.

Do we have to buy a new pump for the solar heating system to work properly?

In most cases, no. Most pools have a 1 or 1.5 horse power pump which is enough power to run the water to the solar collectors.

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