Extend Your Pool Season

Isn't it time you realized the full advantage of your pool investment? You have already made a sizable investment in your pool and surrounding pool area with landscaping and fencing. Solar pool heating can effectively extend your pool season into the cooler months before and after the summer season. Why not make better use of your pool and extend your season?

Of all the options available to heat your pool, solar energy offers the best value, dollar for dollar, than any other method available. Whether or not you have an existing heater, you can have your pool warmer and open longer with free energy from the sun. Simply put, solar pool heating is one of the best investments a pool owner can make.

Enjoy Warmer Water

A warm pool means more enjoyment for your family and friends. Poolside parties, refreshing swims, and relaxation are what your pool should be all about. A heated pool lets you enjoy an early morning workout or a relaxing late night swim. A solar pool heating system can raise the water temperature 10-15 degrees in most pools compared to unheated pools. Get more enjoyment from your pool with warmer water.

Why East Penn Solar Pool Heating?

East Penn Solar Pool Heating uses only Solar Industries products. Solar Industries has been the leader in solar pool heating systems since its inception in 1976. Solar Industries has the strongest warranty in the business and uses superior components including stainless steel hardware. The Solar Industries solar collector has survived a 23 year life expectancy test performed in the Arizona desert.

East Penn Solar Pool Heating offers superior customer service. Call us for a free consult and on site analysis of your pool area. We take pride in providing honest, courteous, prompt and informative customer service. East Penn Solar Pool Heating is the only exclusive installer of solar pool heating systems in the Lehigh Valley. We do not install solar hot water heaters or solar electric systems for residential homes. We also do not provide any other pool related services. We specialize in solar pool heating installations. That is our only business.

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